A vibrant identity for Hawaiian Fish Company,
referencing the owner’s family ties with the island.

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Hawaiian Fish Company
Branding, Identity

Hawaiian Fish Company is a food company serving Hawaiian inspired dishes. Their speciality is Poke, a dish with Polynesian roots that is taking the UK and US by storm. I was approached to create a new identity for the brand to be applied across multiple print, packaging, retail and digital touchpoints.

With family links to Hawaii, it was important for the founder, James Gould-Porter to communicate a sense of heritage. To do this we transformed his parents Hawaiian illustrations into screen prints which could be applied across print and digital channels. The screen prints were transferred to stamps which could be applied print materials, resulting in a print pieces that were unique to the next.

The textural screen prints were contrast with a clean and delicate icon set - an effective visual language to convey information clearly such as food type and order process. These icons were used on the menu and on the wall to show different food types and to explain the ordering process.

Not a year after starting, James has received funding from the ex-director of Soho House Chris Miller, and has since opened a restaurant in Carnaby Street.

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