Beauty marks the spot. A progressive identity for
fashion designer Isabella Eva Stewart.

isabella eva stewart logo

Isabella Eva Stewart
Brand Identity

Isabella Eva Stewart is a womenswear fashion designer leveraging modern textural prints with hints of classic in the forms.

The identity is formulated around the visual representation of a beauty spot, as a comment for fashion that goes beyond the surface. Through consistent size and placement, the dot forms a progressive system enabling print and digital materials to be identifiable to the brand from a single circle. It is bold through it’s stark simplicity.

The detailed textural qualities used in the fashion design are effectively emphasised in print and digital by a generous use of space, subtitle typesetting and reduced colour palette. The layout adopts a rigid grid system across print and digital materials creating an interesting tension with the unhindered forms used in the patterns and prints of the clothing.

isabella eva stewart logo
isabella eva stewart logo
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isabella eva stewart logo