A premium yet inclusive brand image for a luxury
shopping centre in the Dominican Republic.

Ampersand logo and model

Brand Identity

Ampersand is a luxury multi-brand retail destination located in the Dominican Republic containing areas of textile, accessories, footwear and cosmetics.

We were approached by Ampersand to create a brand image that felt premium, but transcended the often exclusive visual aesthetic of luxury fashion retail - appealing to the family was an important aspect. In response, we created bright and consistent visual identity formed around the ampersand - a primary building block of the brand which acts as a devise to connect two contrasting elements - creating an infinitely flexible system that ties all print and digital into a simple but effective visual expression.

Completed at Missouri Creative
Designer : George Barker

Awarded Gold - Transform Design Awards Europe

Ampersand stationary
Billboard adverstising
Billboard adverstising
Billboard adverstising
Retail store design